Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Heat Wave

Here in Maryland it is hot, hot, HOT! What do you do when it is hot and humid? You stay in your cool air-conditioned home or you take the kids to the pool! We've been hanging at the pool all week. Yesterday, we packed up some lunch and snacks, put the girls in our double stroller and walked to the neighborhood pool. We stayed for a couple hours which is about all we can muster with two little kiddos. It is no longer an all-day event of lounging, reading and taking dips in the water. It is spent chasing around a three-year old who is constantly bouncing back and forth between pools and a one year old who wants to take on swimming and walking but hasn't quite mastered those skills on her own yet. But still, we love it and will be back there again today! This time for pizza with friends!

After swimming, we loaded the girls into the swagger wagon and headed to Sweet Frog for some frozen yogurt. I had the Key Lime Sorbet and it was tart and refreshing. Yum!

I wasn't able to get more of a workout in until after the girls went to sleep. I'm not a fan of late night workouts but I trudged through 45 minutes of Insanity with Shaun T. I love those workouts! They are great for full-body conditioning.

I guess it's time to get in a workout. Especially if pizza is on the menu tonight!

Gotta run!

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